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2016 Tax Year Forms

2016 New Client Information Form (PDF)

Save time during your meeting with us! Print and fill this out for when you bring in your tax information. Note: this form is able to be filled out on your computer first!

2016 Returning Client Information Form (PDF)

We encourage our returning clients to fill out this form to make sure we have the most up to day information about you for your return. Did you move or your phone number change? What about dependants? Perhaps you go married or divorced. All these factors can/will effect your return! Note: this form is able to be filled out on your computer first!

Affordable Care Act Questionnaire (PDF)

If you did not receive a Form 1095-B or 1095-C for 2015, please complete the sections

that pertain to your family.

Earned Income Tax Credit Requirements (PDF)

As the taxpayer claiming a child (or children), you need to provide documentation that

the child/children actually live with you. The form contains a list of documents that may be used

to support that claim.

Previous Year’s Forms

2015 New Client Information Form (PDF)

2015 Returning Client Information Form (PDF)

Affordable Care Act Questionnaire (PDF)

Business Use Mileage Form (PDF)

Please complete this form if you are claiming a vehicle expense deduction on Schedule C  (Sole Proprietor Business),  Schedule E (Rental Income) or on Schedule F (Farm Income and expenses.)

2014 Tax Client Information Forms – NEW CLIENT (Word) (PDF)

2014 Tax Client Information Forms – RETURNING CLIENT (Word) (PDF)

ACA Hardship Exemption Application (PDF)

2015 ACA  Questionnaire (Word) (PDF)

IRS Publication 5187 – Health Care Law: What’s New for Individuals & Families (PDF)

Tax Insight Newsletters

December 2016 – Social Security Benefits

November 2016 – Amended Tax Returns

October 2016 — Amended Tax Returns

September 2016 — IP PIN

August 2016 — Deductions

July 2016 — Mid-Year Tax Planning

June 2016 — Home Sales